Comprehensive list of marketing services companies in India

List of Marketing Services in India comprises of agencies that are directly or indirectly involved in the brand building exercise of a product. Agencies involved in the marketing services include ad making, media planning, media buying, handling Public Relations, Digital Marketing, Translation, Pack design, graphic design, Translation service, and such similar service. Within these services, the actual service rendered is further subdivided into smaller services like Search Engine Optimization Service, Search Engine Marketing, Video Ad production, Jingle production, ad tracking, Market Research, and many others.

As a marketer, we continuously need the service of one or more of these marketing service providers. The traditional method of engaging with these agencies have been asking for referrals from other professional friends and colleagues. While this method has worked well for many past years, there are limitations to which this can be utilized. There are way too many marketing service providers to get a comprehensive list of marketing service providers in India. As per the records, there are more than 25,000 marketing service providers in India. This list of marketing service providers is difficult to prepare as many of these service providers are freelancers and not listed anywhere. is an attempt to put these service providers in a structured manner where their work, credentials, and reviews are well document. Now a marketer based on his or her requirements can shortlist the agencies basis their work and the budget, connect with them online and finalize. Use of online listing and referrals, bring in the best of traditional word of mouth and tech’s power of organizing the information.

How has the list of marketing services in India been prepared

We have reached out to various marketing agencies asking them to share their credentials with us. Out of the information shared, we have picked things like services offered, price range, past brands and physical locations which are used to list these agencies. Every agency/freelancer is then provided with its dedicated page. Over a period of time, users rate their services helping in differentiation. Using a combination of the service provider’s profile and the user rating, an advertiser can pick the right marketing service provider.

The listing team verifies many of the data shared by the marketing agencies and on verification, they are marked “Verified”.

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