If you are running a web-based business, a question that you would surely come across is how to hire an SEO Consultant or an Agency? What kind of questions should you be asking the consultant in the selection process? There might be questions on the process itself. What should be the selection process to hire an SEO Consultant or an SEO Agency?

If you have similar questions or doubts, you will find this blog helpful. The blog is structured to address the following points.

  1. A good process to select an SEO Consultant or an SEO Agency
  2. Questions that can be asked to the consultant or the agency in the selection process
  3. SEO Agency Brief template

A good process to select an SEO Consultant or an SEO Agency

The most popular methodology or process followed to select the right SEO agency or the freelancer is the site audit method. In this, the agency or the freelancer can be given a set of URLs or the complete site and asked to come up with 2-3 observations and recommendations. This provides enough understanding of the capabilities and interests of the freelancer or the agency.

SEO Audit covers one or more of the following points:

  • Large issues which are fundamentally wrong from an SEO perspective
  • List of easy-to-fix on-site problems
  • Analysis of organic search traffic
  • Backlink analysis
  • Content audit any gap that exists

This video will be helpful in deciding what questions to ask.

SEO Agency Brief template

Attached is a sample of the SEO Agency selection brief. Don’t worry if you do not have answers for a few of them. The SEO Agency brief like any other brief should be a starting point and further developed working together with the agency.

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