In a way or another, social media plays an important role in influencing customers’ decisions and establishes an attitude about the brand. 

If you own a startup, you know how hard it is to let people know that you exist. And social media marketing can help you stand aloud, in a crowded room. Social media marketing can help you reach out to the targeted audience and it’s all about hitting the right set of audiences at the right platforms and at the right time. 

While you are busy taking care of your product, posting strategically and counting retweets on social media might get overwhelming for you. So you have decided to hire a social media agency that can effectively manage your brand’s social presence. But, searching endlessly on Google about the best social media agency without knowing the basics will only confuse you.  

That’s why in this blog post I’ll take you through the 5 basic yet inevitable things to consider for hiring a social media agency for your startup. 

1. Understand your business 

If you don’t understand your business completely, you can’t expect anyone else to do it. 

Before looking for social media agencies to handle your brand’s social presence, understand your business first. Get a clear idea of what is the impact that you want to make on your target audience and the messaging you want to carry on. 

Understand your competitors and what is that you want to communicate that they are not doing. 

Once you are sorted with the in-depth knowledge of your brand, you are set to begin your research on social media marketing agencies. 

2. Go through their past work

One thing you wanna make sure before hiring a social media marketing agency is their proven record. Check out their past work and the companies that they have worked for. See the marketing results they offered. 

Also, check out their social media handles that’s because if they are not able to represent themselves on social media then the chances of trusting them are low. 

3. Ask them what are the platforms and strategy they would choose for your business

Once you have shortlisted the social media marketing agency according to your requirements, the next step would be to dive deep into creating your social media strategy. 

Being the specialist in their field, they will be able to curate a strategy to meet your goals as to what platforms to use and the tone of the communication to carry forward. 

They will guide you through the complete strategy and the amount to go live on the selected social media platforms. 

4. How would you want your social media agency to measure the results? 

Measuring the results of any marketing campaign is the most important thing to get a clear understanding between you and your chosen social media agency. 

Ask them how will they measure the results and see if it’s alining with your expectations. 

Understand if they are able to define KPI based on your business goals and how they will be measuring the results of their efforts. 

5. Get a clear understanding of the budget and communication 

Get a clear quote and gauge if it’s worth the money so that there will be no conflict afterward. 

Also, ask them how often they will be needing your involvement during the process. 

The next thing you would want to do is to sit with your agency for hours and guide them. 

These were the few things you need to consider for hiring a social media marketing agency. 

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