If you own a startup, one of the most daunting questions that you face is “How to let people know that you exist?”
Regardless of what stage you are, you need to let the word out to attract and retain your potential customer for the positive growth of your business.

That’s where a PR agency can help you build the right communication and grab the attention of your targeted demographics and set you apart from the herd.

But, easy said than done, choosing the right PR agency can be really scary. One wrong communication and the stakes touch the sky.
On the other hand, the right PR agency will not only help you in increasing your brand awareness and visibility but it will also help you in achieving your marketing goals and launch your startup in the next growth phase.

In this blog, I’ll guide you through the most important points which will help you in selecting the right PR agency for your startup and ensure a long term positive relationship with your rep.

Understand your goals and messaging

Before hiring a PR agency, you would want to have a clear understanding of what are the goals that you want the PR agency to achieve for you. Or else, it will get hard for you to measure the results.
Your goals can be increased traffic or CTR, more downloads, mention in certain specific media outlets or anything that will attract your targeted audience.
Understanding and clearly communicating your goals with the PR agency is an inevitable part which will ensure that you are on the same line.
Remember that your PR agency will be taking your message out to the world, hence you will have to trust them to bring out your message as you would. And for that, clear communication is the must. Outline your goals and messaging clearly and make sure that the PR agency is able to work on them.

Choose a PR agency of your niche

If you operate in a niche market, selecting a PR agency of having a proven track record of which will be beneficiary for your startup. While you are shortlisting the PR agency make sure you go through their records and case studies for the companies they have worked for and the outcomes of it.

Clear how would you want to measure the results

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t win it.” Measurement is an essential factor of the growth of any company and that’s what puts the light on the needle of the ROI.
Before working with your selected PR agency, make sure you talk about your KPI’s and the estimated outcome you want your PR agency to bring to your table.
While it might take time to drive ROI, but clearly defining your short and long term expected results will always help you in measuring your ROI.

Also, ask some tough questions to your PR agency for a better understanding and relationship like “How often you can see the media coverage? How do they stay on top of current trends?”

Talk about your budget and the duration of the project

Decide on a budget that you would like to spend on your PR activities and how would you want to spend it. Figure out how would you want to work; flat-fee or a pay-on-performance basis.
Also, decide on the duration of the project you want to work on with your selected PR agency.
I’d prefer working on short term goals first and see how things go and then take it forward from there, that way you can ensure the value of your money.

After selecting the right PR agency, the next step is to maintain the relationship because you would want to look for a long term relationship with your agency if things go accordingly.

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