Top Holi campaigns of 2002

Holi, a festival of colors is one of the most joyous festivals of India. It’s played by everyone, from kids to adults, with the same enthusiasm and excitement. People play with colors with their friends and family, spend time together and make colorful memories. 

And that’s when brands come forward to paint the town VIBGYOR with their colorful adverts.

Holi is one of those opportunities for brands to impress their viewers and capitalize by digging their heels in the colors and convey their message. 

For years now, brands have been playing with the theme in a number of ways, whether its spreading social awareness or evoking numerous emotions, brands have portrayed themselves in every way with the true essence of the festival. 

This year is no different, brands have played their cards to make a difference and we will be shedding light on some of the most viewed Holi campaigns of this year.


Brand Name– Parachute 

Creative AgencyMcCann Worldgroup India

Summary- Hair oil brand Parachute broke the odds of how society looks at the aged today and encourages the message that “You are never too old to play Holi”. Besides this bold message, it also conveys their brand message that your hair should never be the reason to not enjoy this festival of colors because Parachute will always take care of your hair. 


Brand Name- Surf Excel

Creative AgencyLowe Lintas 

Summary- Following the path of the past ads by Surf Excel, this year again Surf Excel came up with a cute kid who brings his father and Chachu (uncle) together. It celebrates the spirit of togetherness and conveys a message that “Fist full colors on this joyous festival can always bring families together”. Besides this beautiful message, it also conveys their brand message that the colors that bring families together are never to be worried about. 


Brand Name– Facebook 

Summary– In this new ad by Facebook, it makes us realize that Facebook is everywhere. 

Facebook not only just connects you with friends but connects with them to make them happy and no matter where they are you can always make friends with their friends. 


Brand Name– FBB

Summary– Fbb puts a strong point of view narrating the inner feelings of women that how insecure they feel by experiencing the bad touch during this festival, hidden under the saying “Bura na maano Holi hai”. It conveys a message “women should feel secure and respected during this festival of color ”. Besides this bold message, fbb is also giving out the stickers stating “Bura na khelo” on their stores to spread awareness about the campaign and make women feel safe in all the circumstances. 


Brand Name– Livpure

Creative AgencyFamous Innovations 

Summary– Livpure invokes a deep thought that in the name of traditional values, every year we waste gallons of water during Holi. The advert shows a few kids who steal all the water balloons from the stores and make the statement against the usage of the water balloons. 

It conveys a message that “this year let’s play Holi without the unnecessary wastage of water”. 


Brand Name– Max Fashion 

Creative Agency– Lightstream

Summary– Max shows that Holi is the festival that unites people and how Max can spread happiness in this festival of colors irrespective of the fact if they like playing with colors or not. 

It features a story of 3 siblings and how the younger brother gets teased by his sisters to be colored but instead, they give him trendy clothes by Max to make his day. 


Brand Name– Toppr

Creative AgencyLowe Lintas 

Summary– Learning app Toppr showcase a story of a kid who gets stuck at home because of his exam preparations and his friends used their learnings and put colors on his clothes through the window using the prism effect. It encourages a brand message “Spread happiness through your learnings, this exam season celebrates Holi just like a Toppr.”

Let us know if we have missed any other video.

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