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Verve Media are music and lyric video makers in India. Verve Media has its office in Mumbai. Verve Media can help you with music and lyric video making to create videos and fulfill all video-making requirements that are crucial to any of your branding, marketing, and advertising needs. You can rely on Verve Media as online music and lyric video maker to handle your video production requirements from scratch and provide the best quality to meet your brand requirements. Hire Verve Media as your music and lyric video maker or any such video editing requirements.

Services offered by Verve Media includes:


Lyric video making

Audio Mastered 

Music Video Production

Multi-Platform Optimization 

Lyric Editing 


You can contact Verve Media through the 12thCross platform for free by clicking on the “Email to Seller” button provided on top right. You can reach out to Verve Media directly and refer to the address provided below:


204, 2nd Floor, Patel Commercial Premises, Plot B-40, Opposite Citi Mall, Veera Desai Road, Andheri (W),
Mumbai, Maharashtra – 400053


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  • Category : Music & Lyric Video Makers
  • Lyric video making
  • Audio Mastered 
  • Music Video Production
  • Multi Platform Optimization 
  • Lyric Editing 

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