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Urban Purple is one of the largest marketing merchandise companies in India. Urban Purple has its office in Bangalore.

Urban Purple is an award-winning marketing merchandise company in India. Urban Purple can help you create awareness about your product/ service and increase the visibility of your brand and drive sales through their creative merchandise branding approach. Urban Purple offers a variety of products and solutions for all types of businesses. 

You can find the address of  Urban Purple in the contact section of the profile. The contact address of Urban Purple has been taken from Google Maps and we recommend you verify it once in case you are planning to visit the Urban Purple office. You can also contact Urban Purple by clicking on Email To Seller. You will be connected to the right contact in Urban Purple over the email. This service is absolutely free. 

Urban Purple deals with Apparel Designing and manufacturing. 

Urban Purple has many clients in their portfolio including Albert Hall, B Active, Dare, Poke Altitude, Quiltes, Blue Saint, Apre Outfit, Craftsman, Hot Squad, Parrot Crow and many more. 

You can check out the complete client list of Urban Purple at their Urban Purple client list.  

Services offered by Urban Purple include- 

  1. Ordering of the required products and goods
  2. Designing
  3. Printing 
  4. Shipping to the required location. 

Urban Purple works with clients with a high budget and requires a minimum budget to engage.

You can contact Urban Purple through the 12ThCross platform in case you are looking to hire a Video Production that can deliver the best results for your brand campaign. The brand can be assured that Urban Purple will provide the best rates and media planning for their clients. 

Urban Purple India has its office in the following city in India. Get address and contact details of Urban Purple India office below: 


Bangalore: Urban Purple #35/2,1st floor, 9th Main Road,  AECS Layout – A Block, Yellama Layout, Singasandra, 

Bengaluru, Karnataka 560068, 


Contact-  [email protected]


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  • Apparel Designing

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