• Bangalore
Service Type:  Market Research
Service Include: Qualitative and Quantitative Research Analysis, Marketing Strategy, Advertising Research, Market Research
 Budget: Low-Medium
Client Type:  SME
Work Type: Freelancer

P Arun Kumar offers a wide range of market research services to its clients. From surveys to mystery audits to observations, he provides end to end support that includes designing the study, preparing the survey tools, doing fieldwork, data analysis, discussing, top-lines and making the final presentation.
P Arun Kumar posses 20+ years in market research and specialized in conducting market research across
industries like automotive, FMCG, social, technology, and web.

Check out his Linkedin to know more about him.


  • Category : Market Research
  • Facilitation,
  • Conducting a depth interview
  • Qualitative research analysis
  • Marketing Strategy 
  • Advertising Research 
  • Market Research
  • Market Intelligence 

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